Tran Duc Anh Thu Law Firm

  • Citizenship, Judicial Review and Other Applications

    Whether it is an application for Canadian citizenship or judicial review in the Federal Court, a refugee claim or a request for a risk review before referral, our firm is available to represent you in all aspects that affect your status in Canada.

  • Contracts on demand

    The simple and reliable way to obtain professional legal contracts quickly and affordably

    Need affordable, professional legal documents to protect your business interests?Tran Duc Anh Thu’s contract services offer a convenient and affordable way to obtain professionally-drafted legal contracts on a budget and timeline.

    Tailored to your needs and specifications, each of our contracts is prepared by a legal professional from our commercial law department. You can expect the highest quality legal documents, unparalleled customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.



    We offer a wide range of contracts for a variety of situations


    Shareholder's Agreement

    Partnership agreement

    Employment agreement

    Non-disclosure agreement

    Commercial lease

    Loan agreement

    Consulting agreement

    Supplier/Distribution agreement

    Service agreementt

    Franchise agreement

  • Family & Matrimonial

    Going through a separation or divorce or need legal help with custody, alimony or matters related to child support?

  • Labour and Employment

    As an employee, your fundamental rights are protected by Quebec labour laws. Our labour and employment service makes our assistance accessible and affordable to anyone. Simply cover the costs and disbursements required to administer your file. In the event that we successfully obtain compensation for you, we will collect a success fee proportional to the amount of the settlement. If you already have an offer, we will collect a success fee proportional to the amount of the increase we obtain for you.

  • Medical Malpractice

    Have you been the victim of a medical error? Are you looking for an affordable way to seek compensation?

  • Permanent Immigration

    From spousal sponsorship in Canada to applying for a permanent residence for skilled worker through the application for humanitarian reasons, our firm offers all the necessary services to enable you to succeed in your permanent immigration projects in Canada.

  • Professional Incorporation

    When your business activities are regulated by a professional order, your incorporation must be created in accordance with all current regulations for your profession. Tran Duc Anh Thu’s Professional Incorporation service makes it easy and affordable. This unique service lets you enjoy all the benefits of incorporation at one fixed price. Simply fill out our easy-to-use th form and leave the rest to us. We’ll submit your file to the appropriate registrar within 7 business days and complete and submit all prescribed forms to your professional order and agencies in compliance with all rules and regulations for your profession.

  • Small Business Incorporation

    Incorporating a company has many advantages from limiting your personal responsibility to receiving many fiscal deductions benefits for your business and commercial enterprise. The best advice and strategy will be provided by our professional lawyers in order to assist your business from its inception to its full-growth potential.

  • Starting Business

    Launching a new business is challenging enough. Shouldn’t legal services make it easier rather than harder? We think so, and that’s why we’ve made essential legal services for business available in convenient bundles that help take the hassles and headaches out of the start-up phase.

  • Temporary Immigration

    You wish to work or study in Canada and more particularly in Quebec, it makes you obtain the appressed licenses, but especially to apply in the programs which benefit you the most and which will facilitate a possible application permanent residence. Our firm offers all the necessary advice to help you succeed in your immigration projects in Canada.