Citizenship, Judicial Review and Other Services

Our team provides professional assistance and expert advice in the preparation of your applications in order to save our clients considerable time and effort and ensure the accuracy of their file, hence maximizing the chances of success.

Whether it is an application for Canadian citizenship or judicial review in the Federal Court, a refugee claim or a request for a risk review before referral, our firm is available to represent you in all aspects that affect your status in Canada.

Here are the list of Citizenship, Judicial Review and Other Services:

  • Application for leave and application for judicial review in the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada;
  • Application for Canadian citizenship
  • Inadmissibility investigation before the Immigration Division and appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution at the Immigration Appeal Division;
  • Detention reviews at the Immigration Division;
  • Request for access to personal information;
  • Motion to stay in Federal Court;
  • Complaint and application for an interim stay order at the United Nations (UN);
  • Application for administrative stay;
  • Request for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA);
  • Challenge of a security certificate;
  • Authorization to return to Canada;
  • Rehabilitation application and / or pardon application for inadmissible persons in Canada due to past criminal activity;
  • Contestation of inadmissibility or inadmissibility (misrepresentation, criminality, etc.);
  • Challenge of an application for the cancellation of refugee status;
  • Application at points of entry
  • Request for intervention / support from various organizations, such as Amnesty International, League of Rights and Freedoms, Solidarity Across Borders, etc .;
  • Request for intervention / support to MPs;
  • Application for exemption and / or request to intervene with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and / or the Minister of Public Security;
  • Several other services are available, contact us for a consultation!